Thursday, May 6, 2010

Aerobic teacher rape nine primary school students

Aerobic teacher rape nine primary school students

Was assigned to teach school subjects to students Aerobic grade 4 and 5, in almost two months, teachers were enticed, control and implementation perverted acts with nine children.

Phu Yen Provincial People's Court has sentenced Ngo Huyen Ton (49 years), primary school teachers of a Hoa Tan Tay, Tay Hoa District, Phu Yen life imprisonment on charges of child rape and six years in prison for obscenity with children. The total punishment that this defendant should receive a life sentence.

In addition, the Trial Huyen Ton Ngo also force compensation to the honor and dignity to the children for a total of 39 million.
According to the conclusions of the judicial authorities, Huyen managing board of the school was assigned to teach subjects Aerobic students grade 4 and 5 of Primary School No. 1 Hoa Tan Tay. From September 4 to 17 / 5, the district has enticed many times, control and commit acts of intercourse with nine students of the school class standing by the district.

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