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Father raped daughter had hurt her pregnant 14-year-olds


Father raped daughter had hurt her pregnant 14-year-old

In early April 2010, Mr. Nguyen Van Q. (39 years old, live Phuoc Dong commune, Go Dau district) is the father NNT (15) leads T. to Tu Du Hospital (HCM) for abortion. The baby was nearly five months of age should be tested by doctors and medical consultation to surgery thuat.Theo initial test results of Tu Du Hospital, author of the fetal abdomen in children T. Mr. Ward is

Em T. still panic after surgery.
Sexually abused from age 13
Doctors immediately informed the police and the Women Phuoc Dong. Phuoc Dong commune police went to the hospital acknowledged.
Mrs. H. (T. my grandmother) also came to the hospital to find out. Q. A few days after his daughter to return home, her grandmother was trying to ask the truth, I T. admitted facts.
Mrs. H urgent "petrified when I hear her speak her father into a private hospital for the surgery to pregnancy. It told him his father was frequently beaten and forced from the age of 13. Due to fear of arrest father, two sisters do not know how life should not dare to denounce. "
Contact with us, I T. to cry. Since her mother died sick, children and sister (now grade 7) is always living in fear. Because every time a drunken father starved, then hit two sisters entertain corrupt. Em T. tightlipped dare not speak of this with anyone because his father threatened to battle.
Incest father arrested
According to Nguyen Thi Phung Phuoc East Secondary School Principals, the T. learning rather, everyone is tan school children about the right to work, coffee is not your friend. "Due to difficult circumstances so I T. are exempt from tuition fees. Small thin body which they should not be teachers discovered she was harming the pregnancy.
Commune authorities and the school has raised campaign money for some T. fostering health and child care for children. " Until now the school's teachers is most shocking about the heartbreaking stories of T.
Homeroom teacher of class T. emotion said: "There are times I come home to visit me T. then caught T. and the child she is seated dinner with fish sauce. I asked why they did not buy food, T. Straw Straw replied tears want to spend money to redeem his red book was taken from 5 million mortgage. She said holding period window is only two months, without ransom, then the land is part of her effort will be lost. "
According to Le Hoang Hai, Phuoc Dong commune police chief, after receiving reports from hospitals, commune police reported the incident to police and district departments of the provinces. Soon after Mr. Ward was arrested for investigation.
Colonel Tran Van Phuong, Go Dau district police chiefs, more information: "The agency has investigated and prosecutions are continuing to clarify the behavior of Mr. Q".
Mrs. Phan Thi Thanh Xuan, Deputy for Protection and Care of Children (Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs of Tay Ninh province), said: "We have asked the local workers and helping her sister T . them to stabilize their lives. Hope that the investigating agencies have concluded early to treat children who have invasive T ".
It is known that properties of the two sisters T. only a few chickens and baby clothes for school to heal. T. protect school children will also do some work to get money to take care of her children continue to attend school.
According to Hien Nhi
City Law Newspaper


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