Thursday, May 6, 2010

Some web sites to help students learn better English

Some web sites to help students learn better English

Children's Website

These sites are very good and very well able to support their learning. Students can study by choosing one path to the page you want. We encourage parents to spend time together playing with them and help them learn how to use keyboard and mouse.

These sites have been selected and is a summary of content for parents and children easy access preferences.

Many games and other activities for younger children

Online games by topic: (stories, play, read on)

Highlight online / pictures / choose / CDC

Highlight the network (to follow instructions in English)

Stories online (with sound)

Online reading

Play online games and storytelling

Play drama in English, online comics

Stories online

Reading and Pronunciation

Reading and Pronunciation

Painting, crafts ... the list chucai

Software Simple English

Software games for children

Many games and other learning activities useful and attractive


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