Thursday, June 24, 2010

How sex is safe ...

Q: I'm 14 years old, I never have sex. Some day before I have to try not to masturbate by hand three minutes so that they have exported their tinh.Nhu have no ill premature ejaculation? The answer you help me with! Thank you.

His answer is not necessarily so
He imagined that if the time from puberty to the time before marriage
Men's sperm production is very fast. if no action is by natural law take its own or to produce new biodegradable. It shall consult as soon as you sleep, you dream (dream portable computer) Ah know you (not as many people mistakenly think that so long as it more where sperm)
So when you masturbate (Stimulating the penis by hand) benefit:
I said:
So because:
1. Cheery spirit, brain blood should make more excitement
2. Reduced sense of physiological craving
3. Relieve the anxiety burning restless sleep problems
4. How sex is safe .... Not .. there is room ... down .... And also very scientific
5. It should not be to curb it .. The bonus tools are often breaking down what ... Your face full of acne is also a cause by it. She is not renewed then his father died ... Just remember the story "of red" by Vu Trong Phung Father .. I figure this is a phenomenon.
Should not because:
1 - You can create bad habits. Especially when the habit is getting married ... have sex when they "go to market has not spent the money"
2. It will make you feel as guilty
3. Not beautiful in the thinking of many people. As you do this always sneaky and covert. I say this not true? Oh has anyone done this nature where
4. Now you asked me to put her hands up ... then down to what he has then ...
You might be a bit sensitive ... you are suffering from the effects of porn movies too many stories .. Can you dnag sexual abuse by hand ... frequency range (according to her only a -2 times / week / early morning is best) and why you search online or ask the consultant ... But you never mind its not too excited by that which you
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