Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Alarm condition dangerous young masturbation

Masturbation is not uncommon. But how to find a happy feeling to the horror they caused everyone to worry.

A boy (12 years old - Hanoi) is terrifying how masturbation, trans-3 separation both wires, wrapped into the next big as my little finger, insert the penis in full from the bladder. Fortunately, she did not punctured the urethra, but can not be withdrawn because of pain and problems.

Doctors forced to anesthesia, hot objects urethra pulled out for him. That process also torn urethral mucosa, should then have to warm the urethra to stick to dry wounds. Just because a minute fool, but he had lost 2 weeks of treatment.

Earlier, a 14-year-old boy in Nam Dinh had masturbated by inserting sapodilla seeds into the penis and stroked it uses rods that power nuclear sapodilla get into very deep. Sapodilla seeds are thin and slippery making tongs seeds accidentally pushed back sapodilla sapodilla seeds into deeper. Doctors have a new bladder operation to rescue the boy.

Vietnam-Germany Hospital (Hanoi) also rescue a young 18 years old in Haiphong with the situation "castrations were divided. To increase arousal, erection every time, he took a rubber band to wrap up the feeling. After a time he was little in between contractions, deformations. The doctors also said to bear, not to be less about his initial appearance. Due to fasten the body of the teenager who was familiar with the style up the bladder, ejaculation, semen volume makes very little flow, can lead to high risk of infertility. When caught masturbating child, parents should not have yelled, shouted a young violent masturbation as double-edged sword

Although young people are afraid to admit that I masturbate, but in reality this is a very common phenomenon. According to the authors Castarede MF, there was a survey among young people found that 90% to 40% of boys and girls are masturbating with the time and frequency varies by individual.

According Kescey, masturbation occurs in 21% boys and 12% girls 12 years ago, 82% boys and 20% girls 15 years ago, 92% 83% boys and girls before age 20. Therefore, according to the documents abroad, then masturbation is common in adolescents and young son were always higher rate than girls at every age.

Masturbation as double-edged sword. As for how she / he is quite new to check themselves and their sexual ability. When large, it is also how to solve "the thirst" of physiological needs. It is also a way for men to prevent disease spread through sexual relations.

However, if parents are not timely guidance for lessons on gender correctly would lead to more serious diseases such as urinary tract infections, "inflammation", erectile dysfunction, infertility, if not how the abuse or masturbation.

Parents should not prevent violence or type should not be scolded but also encourage young. In each case, to find out our mentality, and help resolve stress, Merchants of the child in family life, school and society, guide the youth in healthy activities in education, entertainment , social relations ...

In a few cases, young people see the decline in mental (such as mental retardation, severe mental disorder), calculated act of masturbation take care of, excessive and not understand the young because of their distortions. Masturbation obsessive nature, forced, were compelled to do and dominated the children's activities, affect the learning and life. These pathological manifestations. Parents should take children to child psychiatrists and psychologists to diagnose and treatment guidelines timely treatment.


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