Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ebook: Guide to Reading and English press - Vietnam

Ebook: Guide to Reading and English press - Vietnam

The contents of the book is divided into two parts: training Translation - Vietnamese vocabulary and hone the English press.
We are all aware that language is extravagant language press is very diverse and lively, informative and filled with the calculated time high, so the transfer of this language to Vietnamese translation not only requires must have good command of foreign languages, but also to live with capital, knowledge rich, and the Vietnamese themselves must also be "rich" anymore, it can translate well or were.
This book not only helps you in terms of method but also make a very useful reference and close to you may reference in the field of "hot" of "fronts" as the press: time the international character - events, health, education, cultural - social, economic ...
Part hone vocabulary of English newspapers also can include a variety of resources from economic and trade, politics, law, science and technology to socio-cultural ... Wish you become a "journalist" have real operational capability after reading this book.

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