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Ebook: Practice Vietnamese - English - Translating

Ebook: Practice Vietnamese - English - Translating
Translation of this country into another country is not easy. Spoken and written of ethnic identity. No one does the same ethnic race. Thus different language other than English, American, Australian, New Zealand and some countries in Africa selected English as their mother tongue.
Spoken and written foreign language proficiency is how to make foreigners understand what we say, what we write. Language carrying thoughts, emotions, feelings, feelings of man. Thus the Vietnamese translation into English then we must stand at angles to the English translation. Vietnamese people speak English but have not said so, say how. Do you think people order, saying the British should be required that we should not be translated from each one. Please read a sentence or a question, find out the contents function in animals and then find words, idioms, special language, proverbs, ... of the English and tried to apply correct grammar, English for the office of service. Every nation has its own expression.

For example: the Vietnamese saying: "The bridges that were built in 1999," English said that the bridge was built in 1999 (That Was the bridge built in 1999). Vietnamese have many idioms, proverbs, in English also. For example, the Vietnamese said, "like pouring rain water", the British used the terms: Cats and dogs (cat and dog): "It rains Cats and dogs." Thus English learners need to know many languages, special language, proverbs translated to English for accuracy. Example, the Vietnamese said, "There are media should", if translated word for word the sentence sloppy sometimes obscure, reflect that while the British have a proverb also has a similar meaning: Where there's a will there's a way, we keep the cage on the right understand English. We therefore devoted some pages to extract some meaningful English Vietnamese homologous to the file you used. Also we try to translate some English words in Vietnamese, but more difficult when English is another way of saying that the meaning is similar to Vietnamese.
Writing is writing. Creation is imitated. Mimicking how to use words, syntax, grammar, style. Study and imitate written and spoken English and then converted into their own. In doing so, you must read very many articles in books written by British and then imitate them.
This book has 50 articles by writers of modern Vietnam and modern being translated into English. End, this all revolves around the 50 themes:
- Description (people, scenery, activities, thoughts, feelings)
- Art of (the daily operation, the incident)
- Letters and applications
- Poetry
Learning method is that you have to translate, then compare it with the translation of the book, find flaws, strengths and weaknesses and develop strengths and overcome weaknesses, and gradually you the confidence to write sentences complete. Do talk in English as the culmination of the practice written English. Now you do not talk Removed in a translation that you would more freely express considerate, thinking and feelings with confidence. If you like that, that's the purpose of this book.
Despite many efforts, we still do not avoid errors, mistakes, please read the glass away, and nearly sympathetic comments was built to be reprinted after a more complete book.

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