Sunday, August 22, 2010

English For Kids: What pets do you like?

What pets do you like?
What pets do you like best?
I like dogs.
Why do you like dog?
I like dogs because they are friendly and playful.
Do you like cat?
No, I don't
Why not?
That's because they are lazy and boring

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In this lesson, through a small video. Teachers will help students learn more from some of the pets, livestock in the house. They will learn how to talk about hobbies, know how to answer the question "Why?" and "Why not?" , Also they will learn to express explain why "because". What you can click on the triangle to view. I read it aloud, listen to it offline standards.
Video Lesson guide.
In this video you are going to learn names of pets
How to study with the video
Click play to begin. Listen and repeat what you hear. Follow the videos closely. Repeat video for clarity.
Just keep a dictionary nearby in case you still can’t understand some expressions. Or use our dictionary links.
Vocabulary: pets,dogs, cats, snakes, iguana, parrot, iguana
Communication focus: What pet is this?


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