Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Game to learn English: Subject: Sport

1. About Us-Introduction:

You know how much sports? Try your own inspection or test with your friends. Run through the fence to take a medal offline.

2. How to play: - How to play:

You'll see a picture and name of three different Olympic sports, only one subject is true. If you play alone, hit 1.2 or 3 on the keyboard. If two players, press Panda 1.2 or 3, and Tiger hit 7.8 or 9. If the correct answer, you will jump over the fence. If you answer wrong, you will be falling. Altogether 10 paintings. With 8 correct answers, you will win the bronze medal, nine questions correctly you win a silver medal. If all 10 questions correctly, you will win the gold medal.
Click here to Play


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