Sunday, August 1, 2010

How do I start collecting stamps

It's Simple !
Look around .... stamps are on a lot of things.
Letters, Postcards and Packages all have stamps.
Every country has stamps.
You can ask your mom or dad to
save you stamps. Sometimes a
neighborhood business will save
them for you.

What should you save ?

Some people save stamps from one country like the USA or France or even Canada.
Other people save stamps that have Horses on them or buildings or cars. The great thing
about stamp collecting is YOU! You can make the collection anything you want it to be.

What kind of stamps are there ?

Definitive stamps are the every day stamps you see. They come in denominations from 1 cent to more than 14 dollars. They usually have pictures of Presidents or famous people. Every country has Definative Stamps.

Coil Stamps are the stamps you buy in a roll. If you look carefully you will see that two sides of the stamp are flat and two sides have perforations (small holes where you tear them apart).

Booklet stamps come in small folders. Usually there are 3 to 20 stamps in each book. These stamps have at least one flat side.

Special stamps are the extra stamps the post office prints each year. The Love stamps and the Christmas stamps are special stamps.

Commemorative stamps are usually bigger and more colorfull than the definative stamps. The stamps often honor people or special events. Commemoratives are only available for a short time and only a limited number are printed.

Can I buy stamps ?

You sure can. Many large cities ( and some small ones ) have shops that sell stamps and coins. You can check out your local phone book. Another way to buy stamps is to look in magazines like Linns Stamp News You can even go to Yahoo and search on the word 'stamps'.


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