Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Learn from the English game: find the word worm

Learn from the English game: find the word worm

1. About Us-Introduction:

Bookworms are very hungry. It needs to eat a few letters. Let's hear from them and find out the letters that bookworms want snacks.

2. How to play: - How to play:

 You will hear and see a picture with one word. You will see three letters on the screen. One in three letters that will be first letter of that word. For example, if the word "FISH, letter F will be on display. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move to bookworms yellow dot below the letter. The letters that one will eat and from another will appear. Each time I was an unknown letter, you'll be long points and will add a worm eating. You have to score as many as possible. The game ends if the worm eating the wrong food word, stabbed to the wall or into itself.
3. Click here to Play


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