Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Overview of Teacher's Resources

Welcome to Teacher's Resources. In this section, you will find useful information, ideas for lessons, teaching tips, links to ready-to-use exercises and quizzes, and a bibliography and additional links on a variety of important topics. Click each heading at the top of this screen to open each section. Each section includes several different subsections. To see a subsection, click the name at the top of the screen.
The Teacher's Resources include three sections: Multi-media and EFL/ESL, Language Skills, and Special Concerns.

Multi-media and EFL/ESL provides information on current technologies that are available and easily accessible to the foreign language teacher, tips on how to integrate such technologies into a foreign language course, and relevant links and a bibliography.

Language Skills includes seven subsections: Reading, Writing, Listening, Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Bibliography/Links. These subsections include a short introduction, tips for teaching related topics, as well as links to relevant sites containing more lesson plans, activity ideas, and ready-to-use exercises and quizzes.

Special Concerns includes four sections: Learning Disabilities, Multi-cultural Considerations, Standardized Examinations and Test-taking Strategies, and Bibliography/Links. Each section provides information on related topics, describing challenges for teachers and provides tips on how to deal with these challenges.


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