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Some web sites to help students learn better English

Some web sites to help students learn better English

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Aerobic teacher rape nine primary school students

Aerobic teacher rape nine primary school students

Was assigned to teach school subjects to students Aerobic grade 4 and 5, in almost two months, teachers were enticed, control and implementation perverted acts with nine children.

Phu Yen Provincial People's Court has sentenced Ngo Huyen Ton (49 years), primary school teachers of a Hoa Tan Tay, Tay Hoa District, Phu Yen life imprisonment on charges of child rape and six years in prison for obscenity with children. The total punishment that this defendant should receive a life sentence.

In addition, the Trial Huyen Ton Ngo also force compensation to the honor and dignity to the children for a total of 39 million.
According to the conclusions of the judicial authorities, Huyen managing board of the school was assigned to teach subjects Aerobic students grade 4 and 5 of Primary School No. 1 Hoa Tan Tay. From September 4 to 17 / 5, the district has enticed many times, control and commit acts of intercourse with nine students of the school class standing by the district.

A Ma Yen

Principal district officials immediately purchase process of their office

Principal district officials immediately purchase process of their office

More details about the involvement and degeneration of the staff

Every defendant, Sam Kim and bone in German appeal court - Photos: Thai Son

In 2009, national opinion before shaking their principal case series girls buy virgin mountainous Ha Giang province.

The case was quickly brought to trial at the court level, but eventually returned to the starting line by procedural violations and many details have not been clarified. At this point, the case is facing a turning point after the central agency in the contest.

In 2008, Sam German Bone, born in 1957, is the principal town of Vietnam Forest High School, has solicited H. Vi Xuyen Thuy Hang, a student (HS), sold themselves to the bone. Do want to have money should spend Hang agreed to sell itself for several times and bone. In the last sexual contact with the Ganges, the ground is a constant problem with the find and invite you to drag the other students brought to the Bone virgin sex and promised: "If there was any relationship would be paid from 3-4 million. Agreed and Hang Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy referral for bone. In sexual relations several times with Thuy, Thuy bone turned again to find the girls have taken to process for the teacher and will be paying the broker.

During the period from July to September 8.2009 7.2008, respectively Hang and Thuy has introduced many high school students to junior secondary levels in area H. Vi Xuyen and having sexual contact with bone.

The case was revealed on May 9.2009, the family of an eighth-grade, Vietnamese Forest Town Primary & Secondary School discovered the pair of books your child has a birth control pill blister and formal complaints against the Police H. Vi Xuyen.

On 09/05/2009, police arrested urgent H. Vi Xuyen Thuy Hang and acts as broker prostitution. Two days later, Germany Sam Bone, now move on to the principals of high schools in Vietnam Vinh, Bac Quang H., were also arrested for emergency purchase of sex acts minors.

In court earlier this month 11.2009 instance, H. The County People's Court sentenced defendant to 10 years 6 months imprisonment, the accused Every six years in prison and five years in prison accused Thuy. To the appellate hearing on 27.1.2010, Ha Giang People's Court decided to quash instance examined by the general procedure, after noting fresh batch, which is particularly noteworthy is the "black list" of 10 officials and employees and businesses in Ha Giang province has purchased a juvenile sex.

"Black List" is not just 10 people

After the appellate court comes into force, the police agency CSDT H. Vi Xuyen again accepting the case and proceed to take testimony of the accused. Especially from this period, investigative activities were closely supervised by central authorities. Many victims said the case had worked with staff of the Institute of the Supreme KSND to clarify the process of investigating cases of police agencies as well as changes in the case.

According to multiple sources of Youth, the "black list" does not stop at number 10 as a lawyer who has published in appeals. In a recent investigation agency, the defendants continue to assert the Ganges prostitutes for Germany in Sam Bone and Ha Giang staff are true as declared in court. In it, Hang admitted several times for prostitution bone, but only six times a time to remember, places to purchase sex. In addition, the constant declaration for the prostitutes had received nine others, including provincial officials, some leaders of departments and enterprises of Ha Giang province.

Thuy declaration against the accused was selling sex for three times and 7 times County prostitution for a number of other officials and businessmen. A total of 12 people who are currently officers, civil servants and business people in Ha Giang province, of which there are people from having sex so many times and Thuy Hang remember phone number, license plate numbers characteristics on the body as well as time, place to purchase sex, some cases appear both Tuesday.

Thuy Hang declaration and received a number of prostitutes in those located in the "black list" is influenced by Sam German broker bone. Thuy even once declared in early 2009, had sexual relations with a leader of H. The right County of Sam at work in German schools Bone Vietnam Lam. During that time, Thuy has been forced and did not receive any money because this is a "relationship" his principal.

Thai Son - Ngoc Duc

Father raped daughter had hurt her pregnant 14-year-olds


Father raped daughter had hurt her pregnant 14-year-old

In early April 2010, Mr. Nguyen Van Q. (39 years old, live Phuoc Dong commune, Go Dau district) is the father NNT (15) leads T. to Tu Du Hospital (HCM) for abortion. The baby was nearly five months of age should be tested by doctors and medical consultation to surgery thuat.Theo initial test results of Tu Du Hospital, author of the fetal abdomen in children T. Mr. Ward is

Em T. still panic after surgery.
Sexually abused from age 13
Doctors immediately informed the police and the Women Phuoc Dong. Phuoc Dong commune police went to the hospital acknowledged.
Mrs. H. (T. my grandmother) also came to the hospital to find out. Q. A few days after his daughter to return home, her grandmother was trying to ask the truth, I T. admitted facts.
Mrs. H urgent "petrified when I hear her speak her father into a private hospital for the surgery to pregnancy. It told him his father was frequently beaten and forced from the age of 13. Due to fear of arrest father, two sisters do not know how life should not dare to denounce. "
Contact with us, I T. to cry. Since her mother died sick, children and sister (now grade 7) is always living in fear. Because every time a drunken father starved, then hit two sisters entertain corrupt. Em T. tightlipped dare not speak of this with anyone because his father threatened to battle.
Incest father arrested
According to Nguyen Thi Phung Phuoc East Secondary School Principals, the T. learning rather, everyone is tan school children about the right to work, coffee is not your friend. "Due to difficult circumstances so I T. are exempt from tuition fees. Small thin body which they should not be teachers discovered she was harming the pregnancy.
Commune authorities and the school has raised campaign money for some T. fostering health and child care for children. " Until now the school's teachers is most shocking about the heartbreaking stories of T.
Homeroom teacher of class T. emotion said: "There are times I come home to visit me T. then caught T. and the child she is seated dinner with fish sauce. I asked why they did not buy food, T. Straw Straw replied tears want to spend money to redeem his red book was taken from 5 million mortgage. She said holding period window is only two months, without ransom, then the land is part of her effort will be lost. "
According to Le Hoang Hai, Phuoc Dong commune police chief, after receiving reports from hospitals, commune police reported the incident to police and district departments of the provinces. Soon after Mr. Ward was arrested for investigation.
Colonel Tran Van Phuong, Go Dau district police chiefs, more information: "The agency has investigated and prosecutions are continuing to clarify the behavior of Mr. Q".
Mrs. Phan Thi Thanh Xuan, Deputy for Protection and Care of Children (Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs of Tay Ninh province), said: "We have asked the local workers and helping her sister T . them to stabilize their lives. Hope that the investigating agencies have concluded early to treat children who have invasive T ".
It is known that properties of the two sisters T. only a few chickens and baby clothes for school to heal. T. protect school children will also do some work to get money to take care of her children continue to attend school.
According to Hien Nhi
City Law Newspaper

Brutally tortured medieval style with a 14-year-old boy

Police Ngoc Chanh, Dam Doi district, Ca Mau province has the boy solve Hao Anh Nguyen, born in 1996, was a cruel abuse.

Yuan Hao English boy, born in 1996, broken anti Huynh Thanh Giang and Mai Ngoc Thom - like shrimp farm house in Village Phu Hiep Duc Minh, Ngoc Chanh, Dam Doi district - in the long bonnet.

Yuan Hao English boy, born in 1996, broken anti Huynh Thanh Giang and Mai Ngoc Thom - like shrimp farm house in Village Phu Hiep Duc Minh, Ngoc Chanh, Dam Doi district - in the long bonnet.

Tellings of the victims

In emergency rooms Regional Hospital Dam Doi Anh Hao boy opened his eyes puffy face deformation and lips have fallen, since the horror about him. Father's disappearance when she Hao He, Hao's mother, Mrs. Pham Thi Thoa England (Country Cai town, Cai Nuoc district, Ca Mau) led Diu three children (two boys and one girl twins) to make the update. Nomadic and unstable career, she decided to send Hao He, when he has to layer 4, go there for the people she knew of more than 15 years. It is against Huynh Thanh Giang wife.

Across the UK there are countless Hao wound, mounted on top of each old new husband. With the voices whisper, embroidery, Hao He said: "The first time he had beaten the broken tree Jiang paddle beams. On the child's forehead, his Jiang was beaten with bamboo. After lunch back scratched by the iron is hot. Jiang used for opening contacts wired to the neck, squeeze to hold your breath, use pliers to break that five trees .... "

Phuong Linh Truong, Vice Chairman District Dam Doi said: When you Nguyen Hoang Anh (Hao He was called at home), hospital, DPC will exchange with family: If the family can not be raising grandchildren, Contact the district will send you into the heart of social protection.
Now Ms. Dang Thi Pretty Royal British grandmother says she will discharge about raising grandchildren
Arrest owners of shrimp profile Minh Duc

Creative 1.5, Doan Minh Chanh - Dam Doi district deputy police (Mau) - said the agency was formally initiate prosecutions, prosecute and arrest the accused Huynh Hoang Giang (30 years) got a job selling shrimp in Phu Hiep Hamlet, Ngoc Chanh acts' maltreatment of others. "

According to chief, wife Giang Ngoc Thom Code (33 years) also acts prosecuted along with her husband but has not been arrested are under 18 months old child.

(Source: Youth).

"Do not know anyone angry, red iron grill opening Giang, then I looked up call, the pan skin burning, pain petrified. Many nights, I hang up hand-tied, handcuffed feet to mosquito bites ... "- Grandma's Hao He wiped my tears, choking hiccups when I hear tell.

Why do not you go out? Hao He shook his head saying: "I do not dare because he would start right back open. Jiang said his mother opened a lack of money, in order to pay the debt. Jiang He threatened to run away to the black society "treatment."

Doctor Ninh Van Hoa, Director of Dam Doi Hospital, said: "We are being treated for multiple trauma injuries Hao because the old New England scattered. Patients receiving treatment against infection and continue to test and photograph to identify further injury. Not yet to conclude exactly how long the healing? "

Hao He was brought in and do the same by Jiang shrimp farms renting land to build

erect at Ngoc Chanh.
He thus wasting the RAM scale 9-2008. Since our home Jiang, Hao He is given a bed next to a toilet, no Mung dimensional quilt pillow. They are peaceful right elevator boy.

About six months ago, suddenly "opening year" (husband and wife Jiang) to change the way "enlighten". It was washing Hao He was disruptive contractors' avuncular Year "spread shot Luxembourg. "Since then, the same day hit!" - Hao England since. A few months ago, Hao He was avuncular Year "hitting the transmission locks broken nose bridge.

Hao He rinse is slow meals, contact was opened Year "for iron stick chopsticks into the boy's right eye. Work hard every time, boy have been "south bridge" pulled out, spread Luxembourg nailed hand brake in the knee.

When asked why drug abuse is not like ham, Hao He sure "opening ham will be said that if police arrest mother already advanced to the first dam should not ham." With not know the way, this month by nearly 20 Hao He is not allowed to go out the door, cash flow does not dumb.

Protect baby 24/24

Mr. Lu Minh Tri - deputy police Ngoc Chanh, who directly solve the boy - said: "Range 14g on 04/27, we received allegations of the masses, but by household characteristics is now regarded Hao He founded and grandchildren often locked up the verification should encounter many difficulties. When multiple sources can be specified, we go to remember their neighbor to reach this house by only the unique waterway.
I saw pictures of British Hao that I quite heartbreaking, but also responsible for the heartless mother, blame the poor and give trust to the fate of their children.
Ho Ngoc Gam
Read More
At home, we discover that baby just like people describe, but I did run away. We must protect the players would force competition, to 28.4 solve the baby successfully. Soon after, we moved on baby first aid station to the distance, move immediately gravitate to 29.4 hospital districts. Through strengthening initial profile shows that this is a particularly serious incident, police have dared to challenge the district to life. "

According to Lieutenant Colonel Doan Minh Chanh - Deputy Chief of Police Dam Doi district, the police agency investigating the police are directing the district police team investigating crime and social order to expeditiously collect evidence, and solicited assessment rate of injuries as a basis for criminal prosecution.

District police force is also sending applications directly to 24/24 hours at the hospital to ensure safety for the baby. The case is being investigated continues to expand.

29.04 the same day, leaders of District Commissioner, Dam Doi district People's Committee was to visit and encourage baby. Functional departments in Ca Mau province has also life.

29.4 Chieu, Ms. Pham Thi Put to visitation. She said Anh Hao east 500,000 jobs per month, three recent months is 800,000 VND per month, that amount against his wife Giang - Thom sent to her. From when I went in, she only visited twice in the first two months. After this, she can call the wife about her husband Jiang - not for about Thom, hospital reasons do not catch a lot of work.

Dr. Ho Thanh Phong - Vice Dean dared to challenge outside the hospital, Hao He has a nose bone fracture has not healed. Most seriously injured right knee. And by hammering was in many consecutive days so serious knee swelling, knee joint congestion. Surface-specific capabilities have been injured, a specialist has examined but not yet concluded.
(The Youth)

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