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How to use "Heart" in English Idioms?

How to use "Heart" in English Idioms?

Example Sentence
1. - Heart is in your chest
- Your heart is in your chest. At least it is in most people. (muscles, bones, internal organs, heart)
2.- Not got hearts
- There are some people who haven't got hearts... She has no heart .
3. - She's a cold, heartless killer.
- These are people who are not concerned. about the happiness of others. They are cruel and feel no pity.
Stabbed in the back!
4. Heart's in the right place

- Heart's in the right place. This means that the person is kind.

- Luckily, most people do have their heart in the right place.

5 .- Interests at heart

- When someone has your best interests at heart. it means that they are concerned about your welfare and success.

-  He's not a very efficient boss, but his heart's in  the right place.

6. -Know it by heart.

- Know it by heart: Means that is Memorise something completely.
- My piano teacher made me play the piece until I knew it by heart.
7. - Best interest at heart
- When someone has your best interests at heart. it means that they are concerned about your welfare and success.
- She only had my best interest at heart, but is was still hard work.
8. – Heart = to be  in love
- When you're in love, strange things can happen to your heart.
- Your heart can melt!
- Your heart can break!
- Your heart can ache!
- Your heart can sink!
9 - Heart melted
- It means that she was affected emotionally by his look and she was unable to control her feelings.
-  Her heart melted when he looked at her.

10 -  Special place in her heart.

- You could also say that he had won a special place in her heart or that  he had captured her heart.
11. - Heart - to - heart
- Unfortunately romance and love  don't aways last. This is especially true if you can't have heart - to - heart with each other to sort out your differences.
-  A heart  - to  -  heart is a deep emotional conversation where each tells the honestly how they feel.
12 - Heart sink

-  The way she looked at him made his heart sink.
13. - Poured her heart out

-  She poured her heart out to him but he refused to listen.
14 . -broken - hearted,  hearted - broken , aching heart,heart - ache 
- Meaning she had a great sadness. She was very sad and unhappy.

- She was broken - hearted
- She had an aching heart ( heart - ache).

15.- Lonely heart

-  He was just another lonely heart looking for romance and some to love.
16. - After my own heart
- After my own heart doesn't mean that he actually want to have my heart in his hand. It means that he shares the same ideas and  beliefs as me.
-  He's man after my own heart.

17. - Close to my heart
- "Close to my heart " means   that it is very important for me.
-  One subject that is close to my heart is spaceflight.
18. Goodness of my heart.
- Means that I do it beacuase I feel strongly about it, not because I have been toor want a reward.

-  I try to help the environment  out of the  goodness of my heart.
19. - Hearts of gold
- They used their lottery win to buy a new scanner for the local hospital.
- They have hearts of gold.
20. From the bottom of their hearts
-  Sincerely and passionately
- Patients and staff thanked them from the bottom of their hearts.
21.  - Wear my heart on my sleeve
- People are always telling me that I wear my heart on my sleeve. but I always feel it's best to show my true feelings opnly about everything.
22. Struck terror into the hearts
- When the Hindenburg crashed the sight struck terror into the hearts of all who witnessed it.
23 - Cried their hearts out
- Many withnesses just sat there and cried their hearts out.
24 - Heart sank
- My heart sank as I watched.
25 - Have the heart
- I don't have the heart to throw away food. Not when there are people starving in the world so I walways eat it myself.
26. - Heart was in my mouth
- My heart was in my mouth when I asked the boss for a pay - rise.
27. - Heavy - heart
- When he refused, I left the office with a heavy - heart.
28. - Set my heart on
- I had set my heart on getting that pay - rise.
29. - Sick at heart to heart
- I was sick at heart to heart that the boss' blue -eyed boy had got  his pay - rise.
30. - Heart's just in this one
-   Maybe it's time I changed jobs, My heart's just in this one anymore.

31 -  Heart goes out to
- My heart goes out to those poor people who have lost everything in that flood.
32. - Tugs at my heart - strings
-  This heart - rending picture really tugs at my heart - strings.
33. - Find it in their  heart
- Today the press heartily encourage people to find it in their  heart to donate to disaster funds.
34. - Lost heart
- I almost  lost heart in my art after years of getting nowhere. But now my paintings are beginning to get noticed.
35. - Straight from the heart
- I think it's because  I' ve started to paint straight from the heart.
36 - Heart and soul
- Since I started putting heart and soul into my work I ' ve seven pictures.
37.- Eat your heart out
- Vincent, eat your heart out!
38. - Heart misses a beat
-  Every time the gallery phones my heart misses a beat.
39. -  Heartening
- It is very heartening when peaple recognise your talent.


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How to use "Heart" in English Idioms?

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