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How many Fruit Idioms are there in English

How many Fruit Idioms are there in  English

Some of them have been real lemons and hardly anyone's watched them. I wish my videos ould have a milion views. But this is no place for sour grapes. At least I can always have another bite of the cherry. I've worked hard on this video and I'm sure it's a real peach. If a tree is known by its fruit, then you'll be aware that I am passionate about English. With these videos my passion has begun to bear fruit.  To be honest,
none of my work has borne more fruit than this video. It's absolutely packed with fuit idioms.
- Sometimes, making these videos drives me bananas.
- This one's the apple of my eye, though.
- It's the ultimate fruit of my labours.

- Now, I was going to tell a really funny joke about Adam and Eva. But then I thought I might offend people and upset the applecart. It's temping, but religious subjects are forbidden fruit.
As i don't want to be a rotten apple, I won't tell it here. You'll find the joke on my website int the video Extras.
It would have given me a chance to mention the Adam's apple.
it's this big thing on the front of a man's throat. Never mind, I'll leave that one out.
- Life's still just a bowl of cheries, isn't it?
So many idioms. How are you going to remember them all?
- I'll give you a hand. I'll take you through each one in detail.
- If somethings a lemon, it's defective an unsatisfactory.
- The first motorcycle I ever bought was a real lemon.
- It stopped running at the slightest hint of rain.
1. - Sour grapes
- Aesop gave us sour grapes in his fable, The Fox and the Grapes. In this fable a fox is trying to get some juicy grapes just out of his reach.

When he fails to get them, he says, "I'm sure they're sour anyway." Sour grapes means to despise what you cannot have.
2. - bite of the cherry
- A second, or another, bite of the cherry means to get a second chance.
-  EX:  I failed my exam, but my teacher gave me another bite of the cherry.
3. - Areal peach
- We can say that something or someone is a real peach. A real peach is something or someone wonderful.
- Ex: - She's a real peach, isn't she?

4. A tree is known by its fruit is borrowed from the bible
- To say that a tree is known by its fruit is borrowed from the bible. it means that what you do, your deeds are more an indication of who you are than anything else.
- We can identify an apple tree by the apples we gets from it.
- We can identify a thief by the thefts he commits.
- We can identify  a good person by the  good things they do.

5. bearing fruit
- To say that somthing is bearing fruit means that finally yo  are getting a reward for your efforts.
-Ex: - All his efforts finnally began to bear fruit.
6. - Driver  bananas
- If we are  driven bananas, things are making us go mad.
7. Apple of your eyes
- The apple of your eyes is the thing or person most cherished above all others.
- Ex:- Rocio is the apple of my eye.

8. - The fruit of my labours
Ex: - Whatever I produce is the fruit of my labours.
- This video is the fruit of my  labours.
- Where are the fruits of your labours?
9. - upset the applecart
- To upset the applecart means to ruin something.
- I didn't tell that very funny joke about Adam and Eve because I didn't want to upset the applecart.
- Eve really upset the applecart when she ate fruit from the tree of knowledge.

10. - Forbidden fruit
- That was the forbidden fruit.
- Things we really want, but are not allowed to have, are called forbidden fruit.
- Ex: - Now, the serpent that told Eve to eat the forbidden fruit really was a rotten apple. It only takes one rotten apple to ruin the barrel.

11. - One rotten apple
- A rotten apple is the one bad person who can spoil everything for everyone else.
Ex: - There's always one rotten apple to spoil it for the rest of us.

12. A bowl of cherries
Ex: - Before they wre cast from the Garden of Eden, life for Adam and Eva was just a bowl of cherries. - When everything is going well and life is carefree we say that life's just a bowl of cherries. Now that you've got all these new idioms, life really is just a bowl of cherries, isn' it? That's all the idioms.
13. - get as brown as a berry
Ex: - Now I can go and sit in the sun for a while and get as brown as a berry.

14: - Bananas at this rate
- Damn! there's another idiom. I'm going to go bananas at this rate.
- Oh! Another.  The brown as a berry idiom comes from Geoffey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.
Talking of the Monk's horse (palfrey), chaucer writes. his palfry was as broune as is a bery.
This is saying that his horse was very dark, like a blackberry.
Blackberrie aren't actually black.
They are a deep, reddish brown.

16.- go  bananas
- Finally, before I go  bananas, I'll tell you that t go bananas means to go mad, crazy, insane.


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